Your very first visit to Bonusblitz Casino website will really captivate you with an availablility of great games. Those who like to try their good luck across multiple online games will also notice when a casino like BonusBlitz partners up with many esteemed software providers thereby exemplifying that commitment towards delivering really exceptional and decent gaming experiences for players. It's very clear that Bonusblitz Casino really values it's customers very highly by ceaselessly moving and always striving towards bettering their games library with a very extensive selection of decent games. The games include the very popular online slots that are representing where most players definately allocate their very valuable time and all their spare monetary resources. With many timeless table games that are really iconic to land based casinos. On a regrettable feeling though is that the Live casino games which players can truly have fun with a very authentic casino atmosphere are very unfortunately presently absent from the offering.

Authentic software & games

An immediate observation you can make when you are visiting Bonusblitz Casino and it's website is a very big display of really plentiful gaming options available at your fingertips to play as you want. Furthermore if you're a pretty seasoned player who's exploring various online casinos you'll always be notified of the great partnerships between Bonusblitz Casino and the other top tier software providers. With a real dedication to cherishing all of it's customers Bonusblitz Casino is always consistently expanding the large variety of games on offer for the players at BonusBlitz. You'll be able to play a very diverse selection of captivating and decent titles and game types including the very popular online slot machines that definately dominate players time and gambling investments and the classic table games reminiscent of the best physical casinos around. It's really important to clarify that. However live casino games which currently have the heightened anticipation of always delivering a real casino experience arer't part of the current lineup. For the newcomers entering the realm of exciting online gambling why not try out certain slot machines like Goblins Gluttony of Gems and many other ones which are similar owing to the exceptional reception within the industry they always get.

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The sole provider responsible for curating this game collection at BonusBlitz Casino is Spin Logic Gaming. Although they may start with a modest selection of games now. Rest assured that this platform will continue to grow and expand over time with our team always keeping players updated. Its' worth noting that slot machines dominate the gaming area in BonusBlitz Casino as well as many other online casinos. These slot machines offer even more stunning choices for players according to their preferences. The quantum leap forward lies in having casinos equipped with a large cohort of software providers-resulting in an array of games numbering from dozens upwards into hundreds or even thousands-to cater to varied tastes. Alas. One must lament that Bonusblitz Casino has elected Real Time Gaming (RTG). A widely recognized establishment serving multiple casinos as its exclusive software vendor. This decision often stems from financial prudence adopted by modest enterprises struggling with limited budgets who find solace in RTGs cost effective platform alongside its potential ancillary benefits. In light of its recent entry into the industry this nascent gambling website currently showcases over 180 games-a number which may seem paltry at first glance yet the innovation and caliber of these casino titles more than make up for it. Players are bestowed with an enviable cornucopia of gambling activities to select from: slots, table games, poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and also roulette

Best Slots at BonusBlitz Casino - Bubble Bubble

Winnie, the sexy witch, is the star of Bubble Bubble. She leads, cajoled, tricks, and casts spells everywhere. Her sympathetic magic is all over the game. Bubble Bubble has a distinctly witchy feeling and atmosphere. The theme is made in Hell. The game symbols are extraordinarily engaging and fit the magical theme perfectly. Bubble Bubble has a wide wagering range, due to the 5-reels, three rows and 50 pay lines, which will undoubtedly please all player types, from high rollers to newcomers to the game. There is a mobile version of the game to accompany the PC one, and whichever option players choose, the graphics and positive qualities of Bubble Bubble are brought to the forefront with Winnie the Witch always there, waiting, assisting, and adding pleasurable experiences. Bubble Bubble slots have a wide range of wagering options. These stem from the massive 50 pay lines, and 5-reels. The coin sizes contribute to the variety, and coin values start from $0.01 per coin. They increase exponentially to a higher amount of $1 per coin. Five coins are the maximum that can be wagered, which leads to a limit of $5 per pay line, making the maximum wager a high $250 per spin, an amount so high that high rollers will enjoy the added intensity and action. There are several amusing game icons used on the reels besides Winnie the Witch. They are all connected to witchcraft in some way or other. Icons include; a Witch's Cauldron full of frog's eyes; which serves as the game's Scatter Symbol. The Wild is represented by Winnie the Witch herself. The other colourful game symbols include; a Skull, a Toad, a pair of Candles, an evil Spider, a Magic Potion Flask, a Crystal Ball, a Black Crow, a Jack O'Lantern, and a Book of Evil Spells.

Controlling the game flow of Bubble Bubble is an easy going and intuitive experience. The game buttons located on the screen itself, provide players with precise controls thanks to the game buttons. There is a Spin/Start button, a Bet button, and a useful AutoPlay button. The latter allows the setting of several spins in automatic mode. The Speed button is partially covered by a spooky skeleton hand, for added atmospherics. The pay table is also displayed on the screen so that players can see the combinations and payouts clearly during gameplay. The Up and Down buttons are used to set the bet amount, and cobwebs cover the Spin as mentioned previous button. There are some exciting bonuses included in Bubble Bubble. There are three separate bonus rounds. The Bewitch feature, the Wild Witch Bonus round and the Ghost Features. The Scatter activates these rounds provided players land a minimum of three Scatters. The power of the Scatter does not end there. It can also lead to a massive payout of 1,000 coins! If players bet maximum amounts, then that is a cool $1,000! The Scatter, which is the Cauldron, pays out from left to right, as the other symbols do. The Bewitched bonus gains players 7 Free Spins. The Wild freezes on the inner reel, affecting reels 1 and 2 to form winning combinations. There is also a 3x multiplier being offered with this round. The Great Ghost Bonus feature portrays ghosts flying across the screen, and randomly transforming the other game symbols into Wilds as well. Players can win an extra 20 free spins if Winnie the Witch happens to appear at the start of this round. The final bonus round is the Wild Witches prize. It is the most complicated one, yet still satisfying. Winnie appears on the third reel, turning other symbols into Winnie the Witch as well! This round can create the highest payout wins. For all the three bonus rounds, if players' winnings are not more than 10x their wager, then Winnie the Witch will grant an extra, complimentary prize. Winning nothing still gains a payout of 100x the bet, so everybody wins!